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Demi Lovato - Anyone
♬ Demi Lovato
Blake Shelton - Nobody But You feat. Gwen Stefani
♬ Blake Shelton
Billie Eilish - bad guy
♬ Billie Eilish
Camila Cabello - First Man
♬ Camila Cabello
Jonas Brothers - What a Man Gotta Do
♬ Jonas Brothers
Billie Eilish - when the party's over
♬ Billie Eilish
Billie Eilish - everything i wanted
♬ Billie Eilish
Tones and I - Dance Monkey
♬ Tones and I
Lil Nas X - Old Town Road feat. Billy Ray Cyrus [Remix]
♬ Lil Nas X
Lizzo - Good as Hell
♬ Lizzo
Maroon 5 - Memories
♬ Maroon 5
Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved
♬ Lewis Capaldi
Alicia Keys - Underdog
♬ Alicia Keys
Dua Lipa - Don't Start Now
♬ Dua Lipa
Post Malone - Circles
♬ Post Malone
Roddy Ricch - The Box
♬ Roddy Ricch
Billie Eilish - ocean eyes
♬ Billie Eilish
The Weeknd - Blinding Lights
♬ The Weeknd
Halsey - You should be sad
♬ Halsey
Eminem - Godzilla feat. Juice WRLD
♬ Eminem
Lizzo - Truth Hurts
♬ Lizzo
Justin Bieber - Get Me feat. Kehlani
♬ Justin Bieber
Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours
♬ Dan + Shay & Justin Bieber
Demi Lovato - Anyone
♬ Demi Lovato
Tanya Tucker - Bring My Flowers Now
♬ Tanya Tucker
Selena Gomez - Lose You to Love Me
♬ Selena Gomez
Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved
♬ Lewis Capaldi
Justin Bieber - Yummy
♬ Justin Bieber
Gabby Barrett - I Hope
♬ Gabby Barrett
Ed Sheeran - South of the Border feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B
♬ Ed Sheeran
Chase Rice - Lonely If You Are
♬ Chase Rice
Maren Morris - The Bones
♬ Maren Morris
Camila Cabello - My Oh My feat. DaBaby
♬ Camila Cabello
Dan + Shay - Speechless
♬ Dan + Shay
Arizona Zervas - ROXANNE
♬ Arizona Zervas
Future - Life Is Good feat. Drake
♬ Future
Megan Thee Stallion - B.I.T.C.H.
♬ Megan Thee Stallion
blackbear - hot girl bummer
♬ blackbear
Old Dominion - One Man Band
♬ Old Dominion
Jonas Brothers - Only Human
♬ Jonas Brothers
Carly Pearce & Lee Brice - I Hope You’re Happy Now
♬ Carly Pearce & Lee Brice
Harry Styles - Adore You
♬ Harry Styles
Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli & Joey Batey - Toss a Coin to Your Witcher
♬ Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli & Joey Batey
Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello - Señorita
♬ Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello
We The Kingdom - Holy Water
♬ We The Kingdom
Riley Green - I Wish Grandpas Never Died
♬ Riley Green
Luke Combs - Even Though I'm Leaving
♬ Luke Combs
Jonas Brothers - Sucker
♬ Jonas Brothers
Billie Eilish & Khalid - lovely
♬ Billie Eilish & Khalid
Doja Cat - Boss Bitch
♬ Doja Cat
Halsey - Graveyard
♬ Halsey
Lauren Daigle - You Say
♬ Lauren Daigle
Post Malone - Take What You Want feat. Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott
♬ Post Malone
Ingrid Andress - More Hearts Than Mine
♬ Ingrid Andress
Chase Rice - Best Night Ever
♬ Chase Rice
Taylor Swift - Lover
♬ Taylor Swift
Lewis Capaldi - Before You Go
♬ Lewis Capaldi
Lizzo - Good as Hell
♬ Lizzo
Kane Brown - Homesick
♬ Kane Brown
Leeland - Way Maker Live
♬ Leeland

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